Reproducible bug(?)

Filed this one in the C5 forum a while ago but since it seems to be valid for C6 I thought it might be good to post it here, in case bug collecting has stopped in C5andolder.


Step by step:

  1. Create empty project, divide track list.
  2. Add marker track to upper section, create a cycle marker of any length
  3. Create audio track in lower section, open up any automation lane and read enable it (you can leave the audio track selected or select the automation track here, doesn’t change the outcome)
  4. Make two or more points in the automation track, copy these
  5. Move the transport ahead a few bars, paste, works as expected
  6. Select the cycle marker, now the audio (or automation) track still looks selected and so you can easily think that everything is set to paste again
  7. Move the transport a few bars and paste, nothing is pasted but the selected cycle marker becomes unselected
  8. Click the audio/auto track, paste, this works
  9. Open up history and look at the latest entries, three pastes should be registered for the audio track but only two pastes are actually visible on the track
  10. Close and reopen project, automation gone, automation track at the wrong place, cannot open up new automation tracks from either the audio or old automation track
  11. Close project, Cubase throws an error and refers to the Cubase5.LOG, no log entry is made, in fact, no log is created if there isn’t one either.


Confirmed (28199)