Reproducible crash using Jump bar

I have a file where I can reproduce a crash involving the Go To function of the jump bar. The crash only occurs in page view. As you open the file, if you type some combinations to jump to rehearsal marks, but not all of them, Dorico crashes. Type “ra”, “rb”, “rc”, etc. in the Go to section of the Jump bar and Dorico will crash.
crash jump bar.dorico (1.1 MB)

The funny thing is that, before cutting down the file, “ra” “rb”, “rc” or “re” didn’t crash Dorico. Dorico selected the rehearsal mark (although the view didn’t jump to it). However, if you typed “rd”, “rg” or “rk”, Dorico crashed. I can send that file via private message, if it’s useful.

Thanks for the report. I can reproduce the crash - we’ll take a look.

Lucas, I opened your file, tried what you wrote above, but it doesn’t crash for me at all. Weird!