Reproducible crash while creating PT in slash region

I’ve discovered a reproducible crash. If I try to create a transitioning playing technique in a slash region, Dorico crashes. For instance, with a slash region selected (or a part thereof), invoke the PT popover and type something like nat->sul pont. Dorico will crash.
In the simple file I attach the problem occurs.
slashcrash.dorico (385.5 KB)

I believe this can happen when inputting a playing technique group without any underlying notes. If you add some notes in those bars (they should be hidden by the region automatically) and retry adding your playing technique entry, that should work.

OK, I’ll try. The thing is that I’ve tried to add a PT group with rests, and I got a single PT instead, but no crash. I’ll find my way around!

This crash has already been fixed in our development builds, so it won’t occur in future versions of Dorico. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.