Reproducible MIDI recording bug with multiple flows and count-in

Dorico is using the sound of the top most instrument of the previous flow if beginning recording with a count-in. I thought maybe this was something to do with having imported this project from Dorico 3.5, but I created a new project from the Solo Voice and Piano template, added a 2nd flow, and started recording at the beginning of flow 2 with the piano selected. When I play, I hear the vocal sample instead of piano.

Anyone else able to verify this?

Jackson, give us a bit of time, will you? We’re inundated. I will investigate every report, but I’m unable to spend more than a minute or so on each thread at present. Thanks for your patience.

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Sorry that wasn’t meant to be a push for you guys, just thought I’d give a video example in case any other forum users had experienced it or whether it was just my system, and in case my description wasn’t clear.

I know you’ll get to it when you can, you have my utmost appreciation for all the work you and your team are doing - apologies for the way my message came across!

If it’s any help - this is apparently only happening in Write Mode. I can successfully record into any track in Play Mode and hear the correct instrument. Also if it’s any help - due to my discovery re: channel 1 in the other thread, I have split out each instrument into its own instance of HALion, each on channel 1, but the problem described above still persists. I’ll let you know if I make any more discoveries!