Reproducible MIDI recording bug with multiple flows and count-in

Dorico is using the sound of the top most instrument of the previous flow if beginning recording with a count-in. I thought maybe this was something to do with having imported this project from Dorico 3.5, but I created a new project from the Solo Voice and Piano template, added a 2nd flow, and started recording at the beginning of flow 2 with the piano selected. When I play, I hear the vocal sample instead of piano.

Anyone else able to verify this?

Jackson, give us a bit of time, will you? We’re inundated. I will investigate every report, but I’m unable to spend more than a minute or so on each thread at present. Thanks for your patience.

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Sorry that wasn’t meant to be a push for you guys, just thought I’d give a video example in case any other forum users had experienced it or whether it was just my system, and in case my description wasn’t clear.

I know you’ll get to it when you can, you have my utmost appreciation for all the work you and your team are doing - apologies for the way my message came across!

If it’s any help - this is apparently only happening in Write Mode. I can successfully record into any track in Play Mode and hear the correct instrument. Also if it’s any help - due to my discovery re: channel 1 in the other thread, I have split out each instrument into its own instance of HALion, each on channel 1, but the problem described above still persists. I’ll let you know if I make any more discoveries!

I know it’s been almost three months since this was reported, but just to prove that I’ve not forgotten about it, I’ve spent some time looking into this today and now understand the nature of the problem. We’ll try to get this fixed in the next update, all being well.


The same here with me on Windows 10.