Reproducible: Player not deletable when layout open at Dorico start

This is a very tiny bug, but it’s reproducible:

  • Create a new empty score.
  • In Setup mode, add some players, let’s take clarinet and trumpet for this example.
  • In the top bar, switch to layout “Clarinet”.
  • Save the file, and reopen it.
  • Switch back to layout “Score” (or whatever it’s called in English, using German here).
  • Delete the Clarinet player using “Delete player and part layouts”
  • Result: The staff gets deleted from the score, but the player itself is not being deleted. You can remove the player’s instrument, resulting in a “Player without instrument” entry, but this empty entry also cannot be deleted when using “Delete player and part layouts”.

It seems that since the player’s layout has already been opened when opening the file, it prevents Dorico from deleting the player when using “Delete player and part layouts”.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I can confirm the issue, and we’re looking into it.

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I bumped into possibly the same thing yesterday. I was deleting players from a project. After deleting one, the next appeared selected, but that one wouldn’t delete until I actually clicked on it first. It would seem that the internal record of what players are selected can get out of sync with the display. (If this is not the same issue, let me know and I will investigate further.)

It certainly doesn’t sound like the same issue, no. Presumably you were deleting with the Delete key? If so, it seems likely that it appeared that the focus was in the Players panel, but in fact it was somewhere else.

Sorry – Cancel the above. I mis-remembered what I had been doing. If I encounter it again I’ll make a new thread.