Reproducible Runtime Error in H4 PC/Mac-Repro

I have discovered a really nasty bug with Halion 4.5.

When you select the HiHat Select patch, and change the hats with the first quick control while playing a Runtime error appears, Cubase crashes .

It happens both in Cubase 6.05 and in standalone.


  1. Open Halion 4 64bit standalone or in Cubase 6x64
  2. Load the Hi-Hat Select patch
  3. Play a simple rhythm on a midi keyboard (only the GM Hihat keys are active)
  4. Using the first dial QC1 change the sounds WHILE you are playing. Move the dial up and down a few times.

When I do this I always end up with a Runtime error and Halion crashes as well as Cubase.

I have tried reproducing this with the Kick select or Snare select patches but it seems that this is specific to the Hi-Hats patch.

Anyone who can confirm? It is 100% reproducible here.
Halion Hats Error.JPG

Just tried on my Mac. Same results. Cubase crashed.

Definitely a H4 bug cross platform.

I can confirm this for 32bit too. It will be fixed of course with the next update.

Bugbase: 4128

Best regards

do you have a rough time line for the next update? I am really looking forward to the slice player randomize midi dump issue being addressed.