reproductale Bug with Cubase Pro 8,020

Hello Everyone
I’ve just bought the Cubase 8. pro upgrade and I’ve already experienced a bug:
-Create a new project
-Create 3 groups
-Name one of them “Drums” for instance
-Create severals audio mono tracks (more than 3)
-Select all of them
-Assign all of them with the shift pressed to the “Drums” group as output

the result is one track out of 3 is assigned to Drums, one out of 3 is assigned to group 2 and one track out of 3 is assigned.
In Cubase 6, all audio tracks were assigned to drums.
Not really good for the workflow :neutral_face:

Hello Edouard,

this is not a bug, you need to use [alt] + [shift] combination in order to do this in Cubase Pro 8.
(the Q link button in the MixConsole tollbar will light up while pressing down the keys).

Kind regards,

Thank you for your quick answer. An other problem showed up, the Time display blinks on my display.