[req] A quicker way of sending tracks to a group

Usual scenario: an audio track loaded up with inserts, sends and eq gets doubled up for DT or harmonising, giving two tracks better handled through a group. The track settings all need tranferring to the group and removing from the tracks.

This takes ages! I’m sure a feature could be devised where:

  1. Selected tracks can be right-clicked and sent to a group (like they can now be to a folder)
  2. Before creating the group various options pop up:
    a) mono/stereo
    b) select which/none/all of the tracks’ inserts/sends/eq to move to the group

Before anyone suggests it, mixer setting can’t transfer between track types.

Any comments/improvements?

I would like that one!

I always route to groups from the get-go. :wink:

If only I could plan ahead like that…

That’s called sound engineering :smiling_imp:


[Edit] Actually, it’s called writing by the seat of your pants

Anyway, what do you think of the idea? Pretty cool, huh? :sunglasses:

Not a bad idea. Doesn’t support my workflow in any way (well … could save me a dozen mouse clicks a year), but maybe for someone else it’s good.

I have Macros for adding an audio track and a group at once. Still have to route the track to the group, but that’s easy enough.

The tracks tend to be there already but it’s the swapping over of settings that is the main pain.

Not a bad idea, but the more options to choose ( mono/stereo… select which/none/all of the tracks’ inserts/sends/eq to move to the group), the more it comes closer to the existing workflow (the time it’ll take).

I know what you mean. I was just trying to make it a bit more generic than for just my situation. But nearly always I end up transferring the lot, as described in the OP.

Maybe they should be two separate features, rather than part of the same one:

  1. send selected to group (with mono/stereo option) which would work like the new tracks to folder command.
  2. an easy means of transferring settings between tracks and groups.