[req] Changing Project Folder

I have a project folder where I dump MIDI projects of various noodles. To capture the noodles, I launch a template, set the folder and away. Only this time, I set the project folder wrong and didn’t notice.

“Save As…” allows me to put the project where I like but won’t change the PF (as if I’d moved/copied it in Windows) so I read around the manual and here and it seems that “Backup Project” is the only option.

The trouble is that “Backup Project” won’t allow me to set a non-empty folder as PF, which in this case is what I want.

Why oh why…

Anyone know a slick way round this or agree that not having an easy way of doing this is a criminal oversight (only joking… :wink: )

Cubase never did let you set a non-empty folder as a new project path. Just Backup Project to a new folder to get everything associated with it in one place and move everything from that folder to the desired and open the project from the new path.

BTW, every project should have it’s own folder so I don’t get why you’d want to move to one that already has something in it.

If I back up to a new folder then I still won’t have the shared folder as project folder…

I want to share because it’s just a dumping ground for stuff I play on the piano, then print to audio. Sharing means all my piano bits are in the same place. They’re not projects, just stuff I play (rags, etc) and I have several versions. It’s all for posterity. Trust me, it makes perfect sense…

Anyway, looks like it’s not on so I’ll live with it and get it right next time.

Thanks for your suggestions, fellas. C

You can always export tracks to a ‘track archive’. Select tracks > File > Export > Selected tracks. Ends up in an .xml-file that contains all sort of tracks selected (audio, midi, group, fx) and can be re-imported into any project anytime.

Thanks, that’s not a bad idea - import them into a new project set up correctly, that sort of thing? I’ll remember that for next time, for there will surely be a next time…

Not too sure what you’re trying to do, but there’s another way of changing the project folder. That is, to move the project to a new folder and open it. When Cubase finds that the .cpr isn’t in it’s ‘normal’ place, it will ask you which one to make the project folder, the old or the new. Answer New and then Save the project to make it fixed. You can also relocate audio and video files behind the scenes using the OS when Cubase is not running and when you fire up the project then Cubase will prompt you to locate the missing files. Again, save the project when you have the pool files where you want them.

Another way of sharing things about the system is to create a File->NewLibrary. This is a floating pool which you can open in any project. You can drag/drop wavs from the project pool to the Library, you can optionally copy the files or simply reference them, and the same back the other way into another project pool. I use this for shared album specific sound fx sometimes, e.g. an Album Library which contains the wavs, and they’re shared in the album projects’ pools, thus each song uses them from the library folder.


I thought I’d replied to this but it must have dropped into the ether.

Thanks for the forcing tip, it kinda works but its a pita to have to do it, when it could be done from the Pool (say). I find myself needing to do this regularly so would like to have it as a something I can access at will.

Another thing, which may count as a bug: if I change the project folder I can close the project without getting the “Save changes” prompt and so lose it.