REQ: Enter insert mode HERE

I’d like a way to click on an intermediate note in a tie chain and enter objects (dynamics, mostly) on the note I selected. Currently it jumps back to the start of the tie and you have to spacebar your way to the point you actually want. This is…highly annoying when dealing with long ties.

What, like this?

Just as a commentary on the example: go into note input mode instead of selecting a note, and move the caret by pressing space, NOT with the arrow keys or by clicking at another position - otherwise Dorico “forgets” you are in the middle of defining a gradual dynamic like a hairpin.

And rather than double clicking, you can, of course, set the caret at a convenient location on an adjacent stave, then use the up/down arrow keys to get it to the correct stave, mid-tie.

Funnily enough, this was the subject of this week’s #TipsTuesday.

Good to know. I must have forgotten about the Blog Tutorials. Always good to have more resources for learning about the program.