[req] MIDI Tracks sending to multiple channels

I don’t know how technically feasible this is but I keep wanting to do it anyway: send a MIDI track to more than one channel. At the moment I have to do this with MIDI Sends which is fine but there are only four and you need to set up a MIDI Modifier to do it (and put up with the display bug - 29076 - which hasn’t been fixed yet, excuse me for mentioning it).

The situations it would help me in are:

  • Sending (e.g.) a drum part to more than one sound source to layer the sound
  • Sending controller/modulation data to several MIDI tracks at once, particularly now I’m using orchestration more.

I’ll add others as they come to mind but these are quite commonplace for me.

I envisage it working like this:

  • Ctrl-Click pops open the MIDI Channel Selector and keeps it open.
  • Ctrl-Click selects multiple channels, Shift-Click selects a range (as per most Windows implementations)
  • Click alone selects just one and clears the rest.

MIDI Modifier in MIDI Send still has its place as you can use this to turn layers on/off but there must be a case for having a more permanent assignment of multiple channels to MIDI Tracks.

Any thoughts?

Yes, could be very useful.
In the meantime, you can can send the MIDI out to an external utility (such as MIDI OX), or use a plugin, such as Plogue Bidule (or I’m sure it is possible to create something in Reaktor).
A similar topic came up only a short while ago, where I did post further details (with a screenshot) about doing this via Plogue Bidule…

… although, in the case of duplicating a single drum sound, you could do that with a Transformer Insert FX (but, depending on how many different duplicates, and where they are mapped, you might need one instance of the Transformer per duplicate)

Thanks, Vic. Looks, pretty fiendish, that plugin. I’ll give it a go when I’ve got a quieter moment although I was (of course) looking for a free solution.

I’ve got MIDI-OX so I’ll see if i can get that working for me. In the meantime. Let’s be honest, if Steinberg are looking for the Next Big Step, this could be it!


(although, after reading some of the posts here lately, why did the phrase “over a cliff” spring to mind? :mrgreen: )

Took a second but… :laughing:

Have I missed something? Every time I need the same MIDI to multiple channels/outputs, I just create another MIDI track and create “ghost parts” with ALT-SHIFT-Drag.

No, you haven’t missed anything :wink:. That does of course work fine, but can get a bit difficult to manage if you are recording live and/or managing several parts on the main track… you’d have to create new shared Parts after every recording, although you could at least hear all the multiple outputs while recording, if the other tracks are monitor-enabled (but not record-enabled :wink: ).

[Edit: This was an exploration of an idea best left to the programmers, and of Jarno’s idea that didn’t work out as I’d hoped. Deleted for clarity.]

I knew, I missed something: I was too fixated to my own workflow, where sound layering comes into play only after recording everything and only changes to MIDI data is some edits (if needed).