[Req]Route tracks to group channel

I am sure it has been asked before but…

It would be great if the next update for Cubase gave us the option to :

Select multiple tracks in the project window or the mixer

Right click

Route tracks to new Group channel

What would be even better is if a dialogue window came up enabling you to choose with a drop down list all the group channels available in your project and route your tracks with one click.


Page 164 in the Operation Manual should pretty much cover it.

Or check the C6 FAQ at the top of the forum, which explains how to route multiple tracks to Group or FX channels using Shfit+Alt.


I know about this options and use them every day.
Still I believe there can be a more elegant way of doing things.
Imagine that you recorded a drum multitrack.
Normally you would have to create a group, then select channels , then alt shift, select the group etc.
What I am talking about is:
Record the multitrack. Select channels. Right click. Route channels to new Group Channel.

Pretty much like Put tracks to folder command but for groups.


Yeah, I think it would be a huge time saver.

Makes sense +1

It doesn’t SEEM like much of a difference but you do this a million times so …


So… Bump