Req: Solo div. voices

When a solo player is created via divisi, please place those notes in their own set of voices, so they can be mapped to a solo patch in Play

Dear TylerE,
Since that feature is quite new, you can surely expect some automation at some point… but honestly this can be quite quickly done by hand.
To expand that request a little, especially for NotePerformer users, it would be great if Dorico and NotePerformer could automatically create solo/half sections/full sections playbacks when divisi involve soli, half sections… By now, it requires a little extra effort.

I would parse the question as really meaning “if you create a divisi of solo + gli altri, you want a different Dorico voice for the solo section from the preceding unisoni”.

The solo and gli altri music, on different staves, are already in two different voices, but the solo is the same voice as the unisoni.

Yes, this is an area that we know will need more work in the future. Currently Dorico has a very flexible approach to creating voices whenever you need them, independently in each flow. Unfortunately though, for playback you now need a way of being able to track those voices between flows so that you can assign them to a channel, and also determine whether to use a solo or section player. It can be quite complex to set up this cross-flow routing at the moment mostly because we just don’t yet have the higher level concept of tying together voices between flows.

Exclusive of what Paul says about flows, this how-to of creating and assigning solo divisi voices was included in yesterday’s Discover Dorico YouTube session/video.

Yes, exactly.