REQUEST: A 4th option at the preferences about MONITORING

A 4th option at the preferences where the input on an armed record track, stays always “online” during playback and recording.

More details:

It does that already, monitoring is not the problem.
Allowing for playback of already recorded audio, on a monitored track is the issue.

Are you sure it does? I tried everything and it doesn’t.
I’m in the vocal room, I recorded my voice on the verse and the refrain of a song.
Then I’m going back to the verse, I press “play” and I want to punch in to record again the refrain.
But during the verse I want to be able to listen the recorded vocal verse plus my live input together at the same time so I can be prepared and tune my voice for the punch in point at the beginning of the refrain.
As it is now the options are 1st) to not listen the previous recorded take and listen just the live input mic, or 2nd) to listen the playback of the verse vocal take but not the live input mic unless I press the rec button.
Show me how I can do simply what I want without workarounds and I will send you a big box with beers.

With all due respect, peakae is right. It already works the way you described it at the top of both this thread and the original thread. When pressed for additional details, it emerged that you want something different than what you asked for. And he’s right that what you want is not a 4th monitoring mode…you want an alternate behavior for monitoring in general, regardless of the monitoring mode.

GlennO, I think my limited english don’t help me to describe very well what I want.
Anyway, thank you, yes, the right is: “An alternate behavior for monitoring in general, regardless of the monitoring mode”