Request: A calendar of projects in the hub

File this under: Not at all terribly important, but possibly convenient.

Max/MSP has an interesting feature that allows you to see a list of your projects in a calendar. I have never seen this until they presented it. I found myself able to resolve some of my needs when asking the question, “What was the project I worked on last Weds?”

Right now the Hub does not list any dates relating to your projects. I think dates would be useful. Additionally, I feel like the visualization of the calendar may enhance the experience.


This screenshot shows an additional button at the top called “Calendar”. It also shows a purple outline around a date when a file was last accessed.

Once a user clicks on it, it could show a list of files accessed on that date.


What a clever thing! I vote in favor of this brilliant idea.

I’m at my limit on my votes, I have to remove a vote from somewhere to be able to vote here. An aberration of this forum, we have to choose what we vote for. So absurd…

Unfortunately all my votes are valid, I cannot withdraw one for the benefit of another.

Thank you @estevancarlos for this request.

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Yes, it’s a good request.

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With a little picture of the project - very nice