Request about VST Plug-in Manager

Hi there,

I’ve got a question about the VST Plug-in Manager.

I created a new collection with a specific organization of my VST instruments (let’s call it “default copy”).

Every time I install a new plugin, it is added to “default” collection, which is normal.

Is there a way to add it automatically to “default copy” too ? I have to do it manually every time for any new VST installation.

I haven’t since such an option, and since our custom lists are there to help us browse quicker through our plugins, I’m not sure if this would be helpful - I wouldn’t personally enable this, but yeah, having an option is always good :slight_smile:

My collection contains all my VST instruments (like the default one) but with a different organization.
There is already an option to clean missing plugins from created collections.
I just wish I could do the opposite: add the missing plugins. :slightly_smiling_face: