Request: accents etc. insert mode

I’d like to be able to attach an articulation to the currently selected note even if the caret is visible.

I know you can select an articulation before the note, but I would prefer putting the note in then pressing for the articulation, as you can do if you select a note outside of input mode.

We’d have to come up with some other way of specifying the articulation that doesn’t use any of the current key commands, which in my opinion would potentially be quite a profligate use of precious key commands. But I’ll certainly consider it.

None of the articulation key commands do anything else in input mode?

Of course they do: they set up the articulation for the note you’re about to input.

Ugh… (and face palm…) you are, as always, right.

The reason I was asking is that age is knackering my short term memory. Keeping in my head whether I’ve pushed an articulation, an accidental, the note length, start or end of slur, etc is psychologically heavy.

I know it’s probably not always helpful to have it open, but this is why the panel on the left-hand side in Write mode shows you the current state of the note about to be input when the caret is visible, rather than the state of the selected note.

I’ve weaned myself from the panels, mostly because I barely look at the screen while inputing notes - I’m often reading manuscript.

On my big monitor I tend to use the left-hand panel more, which is nice! But if I have my laptop on top of the piano for composing, I usually keep all panels closed. I still wonder if there might be some way to display some of that info even if the left panel is closed. Maybe a kind of auxiliary “articulation/rhythm/accidental status bar” in the lower left border? But you guys are the UI experts!

Truth is, on my 15" laptop, when the left panel is closed, I still have a huge vertical bar to open the left panel (which I never use since I know the cmd-7 shortcut). Maybe there could be a way to draw an elegant mini left panel to remind us which articulation or note duration is selected ? Just an idea, out or my experience with the software and the comments above…