Request: Actions and Shortcuts, "Next Song and play"

Hi there,
we just noticed that something is missing (with direct impact on the show next week Sunday :face_with_spiral_eyes:)
For “Song end action”, there are several options:

For manual control, there are just a few of them available:

Is there any chance for a

  • “Stop current, go to next song” and a
  • “Stop current, start next song”,
    maybe even in next Fridays update? :sweat_smile:


  • We have some songs without a defined end, no option to use end-actions
  • At the end of the song, I want to manually stop it and go to the next song in the setlist, which is always an empty one, but without effects on the vocal chain (this wouldn’t even play)
  • Then I would manually start the next song after the talking is done

Without the above mentioned feature, I have to:

  • Press foot button for Stop
  • Press foot button for Next Song
  • Do the talking
  • Press foot button for Next Song
  • Press foot button for Start
    (…so quite some room for error there :frowning: )

Thanks and best regards,

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We are actually planning a Macro Editor where you can create sequences of actions (and actions to trigger those macros). In your case, that would be Macro A: 1. Stop, 2. Next Song, Macro B: 1. Next Song, 2.: Start. No schedule yet though, but it should be fairly straightforward.


While we are still working on Makros, the new “Autoload” feature might also help here?

Already testing it out, is there an easy to see indicator if autostart was already set for a song?

No, sorry. But we will try to add some display hint.


Tried it out yesterday and I’m a little torn about it:

  • “Hidden” in a menu
  • Currently no way to tell if a song was missed in setting everything to autoplay
  • Cool for the live application, but super annoying in the preparation phase if the song autostarts

All in all I think I will switch it off again…

Having a “Next and Play”-Action to assign would still be the much preferred solution tbh :sweat_smile:

Next version :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! This helps massively!

As we have quite some latency in our project to load a song (1-2s) and a lot of “open end” songs where I cannot use a stop condition:
May I ask for a “Stop and Next Song”-Shortcut in addition?
It’s then two buttons I need to press in both cases, but for “Stop and Next Song” + “Start” I have the song-load-latency at the end of the last song :slight_smile:

Coming next version, but didn’t make it for today, sorry.

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Hi @musicullum and @DaOptika
Just a question, I didn’t really got deeply involved to this thread until now as I had an idea to solve something. Is that one kind of Action that requires the mentioned complexity with macro to “stop current, step song, start new” or can even be simply a new line in Action and Shortcuts? (I know, something similar can be done by combining Action line 13 “Stop and Next Song” with “Autostart Song”)?

cheers, F

You mean “next song”, right?
What about “Next Song and play”, that is available and implies “stop current”.

That is exactly how you could also do it. What are you missing?

Hi @musicullum , it seems this:
Képernyőkép 2023-10-03 133157

works, when stopping current song first (e.g. with SPACE bar)

while this one:
Képernyőkép 2023-10-03 133457

stops current song, and steps to next (but not starting).

So it looks:
Stop current - Step to next song and play

can be acchieved with Project Action line 13 + Autostart (but then it autostarts in any case)