Request - Add to New Montage

In the right click menu on a file tab there is an ‘Add To…’ option - having started working towards a montage at the file end, would it be possible to have an option that creates a new montage with settings taken from the file? And then adds the file to that new montage.

ta like ABB

The way to do this used to be obvious, but then it moved - it was a while before I found it again:


And you can do this with a shortcut. I can’t remember if I programmed this shortcut of SHIFT + T or if it’s the default shortcut but either way, if you do this a lot you can program a shortcut instead of using the busy menu:

PS: I couldn’t attach the file because I got a message saying the board quota had been met.

Thanks Paul and Justin - very helpful ABB

Very helpful, agreed, thanks.