Request: Additions to Engrave Menu

Sidebysidebyside’s thread on tokens (" ) inspired a few ideas for the Engrave Menu (see feeble attempt at mockup below:)

  1. The ability to enable and insert frames from the menu
  2. A selectable list of tokens, subdivided by project and flow
  3. Insert system/frame breaks and constraints from the menu
  4. Reset all system and/or frame breaks to Dorico defaults

I think this makes the Engrave Menu much more useful without clogging up the works too much. Thanks!

Thanks for your suggestions, Tony. I’ll definitely consider your ideas.

I think it’s important to be able to insert tokens into text frames and items from Write mode more than it is from Engrave mode: only really in the master page editor do you typically do it in Engrave mode anyway. But we have plans to make it easier to input these tokens, as soon as we can get around to them.

PUT IT IN A RIBBON!!! Ouch, ouch…OOOUUUCCCHHHHH!!! :smiling_imp: OK,OK…I’m going!

Contextual «mouse right click» could be nice too about Tokens.