[Request again] Extend the range of Combine Dynamics

When I write my own compositions, I need p-pppp, mp-pppp etc. However, the Combine Dynamics panel only allows mf, f, ff, fff and ffff. Can it be changed to allow mp, p etc?

I know my request may seem impractical in terms of performance… Nevertheless, I ask.

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I assume you’ve seen this recent thread. This was requested as early as December 2016.

If you do intend these to be immediate dynamic changes (like fp), there are other, probably clearer, ways to indicate. I have seen markings like “sf in ppp” and the like.

If what you need is finer control of playback velocities, it’s probably most effective to edit them manuallly.

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Thank you for your kind response.
Yes, I read both threads, and I requested this in 2019 in the thread opened in 2016:

I am asking again because I have been waiting for this for five years…

Can you explain this to me, please? Does mfp mean attack as mf and then immediately drop to p? I guess all the other examples are similar.

Meanwhile, if someone could be interested, this is the workflow suggested in the thread linked by @Mark_Johnson.:

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Thank you so much! I have been using this for years and now want a simpler way.

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For piano, the note attached to mfp is mf, followed by p.

The well-known example is the first note in bar 2 of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in G Minor, Op.49-1:

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@prko. You have been on the forum long enough to know that:
a) the team logs every feature request.
b) like an elephant, they never forget.
b) bumping or restating requests does not work.
c) they never disclose which features they are working on for inclusion in future releases.
d) patience is a virtue.


Thanks and sorry…
You are right. I lost my patience for a while.

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