Request- allow tempo changes to be in BPM

Specifically on things like rit. and accel. etc, I can put a tempo change by percentage, but it would be great to be able to put in a final BPM instead so I don’t have to bust out a calculator to try and work out percentages.


I would love to be able to enter a target MM marking for a gradual tempo change like a rit. or accel.

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It’s true this would speed up the workflow and be a bit more straightforward, but don’t forget that you can mark in a specific tempo via the tempo track in play mode.

Ahem… Not in Dorico 4, at least not now… In a future update (or in 3.5), certainly.

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Whoops. You’re right. Shows you how often I use play mode.

Still, if you have 3.5, you could pop over there to put a few markings in.