Request: Alt-Tab excluded from Local chord symbol entry

So I think the mystery is solved. I couldn’t figure out why my projects have been such a mix of local and global chord symbols. It’s been a royal pain to find them and change them.

But I think I know why now… while I’m entering chord symbols, I’m frequently switching between windows… using Alt-Tab, which changes the chord symbol entry to global.

Is there a way this could be changed? Alt-Tab is pretty important, at least on Windows.

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I think what is happening is that Alt changes to Global when you press it. The Alt-Tab combo is changing the focus of the window so Dorico never receives the Alt key has been released signal.

Right, that’s the point of what I’m saying. As I press Alt-Tab to switch windows, Dorico is recording that Alt keypress to toggle between global and local symbols.

Could it perhaps be changed to not toggle until the key is released? I don’t know if that would work; perhaps then the addition of Tab would prevent it from being changed.

I am confused. I thought holding alt only changes the mode temporarily, while only alt-L or alt-G change the popover to either local or global permanently.

Correct, but if Alt-Tabbing away from Dorico means that Dorico never receives the key up message, returning to Dorico, typing a chord and hitting Enter will presumably send Alt-Enter.

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I am expecting the answer to be that this is an unavoidable consequence of using the Qt framework.

We probably can do something about this, since we should be notified when we’re losing focus. I’ll look into it.