request: bar numbers in Gallery View


The bar numbers in Gallery View currently appear on the top-left of every bar on all staves.
Could the following displaying options be provided solely dedicated to Gallery View?

  1. showing bar number on the top-left of each bar
  2. showing bar number on the top-left of the bar on the topmost staff in the screen

No. 2 means that the bar numbers appear only on the first violin in a string sextet score when the first violin is the topmost staff in the screen. However, the bar numbers appear then just on the second violin when the second violin is the topmost staff on the screen by scrolling.

I had the same view a while back (all those numbers just seemed like overkill), but I’ve come to learn to live with them, appreciate them when they’re useful and ignore them when they’re not. In large scores which need a fair amount of vertical scrolling, it’a very useful to see the bar numbers wherever you are in the score (I don’t trust myself to see a number at the top at follow it all the way down!). Also, to be honest, the bar numbers are small and greyed out so they don’t exactly intrude that much. I suppose one could have a ruler at the top marking the bars and thereby achieving what you’'re suggesting in 2) but that seems like a fair bit of work.

Just my own view. You may well get more support on this from others…

I’m always curious as to how people work in Dorico. Is Galley view their go to page for writing? Personally, I only use it when I’ve hidden staves or am switching instruments. Otherwise I’m always in Page view.

Galley View for writing, always. If I’m in Page View then I can’t help switching to Engrave mode to tidy things up (which is a terrible idea when still writing).

Same here: I still have to learn to restrain myself to tidy things up near the end of the job. And I fail constantly.

Galley view most of the time for writing.

For solo keyboards, sometimes page view with the pages scrolling vertically is nicer. You get to see more music on the screen without the annoyance of jumping from the bottom of one page to the top of the next one.

Always Galley View for writing for me!

Page view unless dealing with doublers. Possibly just old habit, but page layout is part of the music. For example, page turns sometimes affect decisions of orchestration. Another example is something like a drum part where the structure needs to be reflected in the system layout. Better to do this when writing rather than having to get your head back into it at a later stage.

Galley view.

Excellent points. Never thought of that since I don’t normally write for live musicians.

In my mind the print layout must be subservient to the music, not the reverse. Ergo, the layout gets changed after the music is done. But of course it’s largely preference!

I sometimes get jobs like that, but doing something like panto arrangements with 150 musical cues (mostly short!), you often decide orchestration on who’s holding what, or who can turn the page. The music’s the main thing, but the layout is a consideration.

Another thing is that I always know what page something is on rather than what bar number it is. Much easier to jump to page 37 than to endlessly scroll, especially when twenty cues may be similar.

Galley view for writing.

I use Gallery view for writing.
What I mean is:
Bar numbers are helpful in arranging to compare two scores:
one in Dorico and the other in paper or Acrobat Reader, for example.
However, showing the same bar number on the all of vertically-ordered same bars on different staves in a system is somewhat redundant and too complicated.

I agree that it’s overkill. This is really the only time where I can say I preferred the previous functionality regarding bar numbers in Galley View.

I recommend simply assigning “Show/Hide bar numbers in Galley View” to perhaps F12 (since F11 is fullscreen mode, another viewing function). That’s what I do. Then you can easily show/hide as desired.

Page view always. Gallery view only when switching instruments by a player. Feels the most natural for me tow write and engrave in a page view.