[request]Bar ruler in score editor


Is it possible to show a bar ruler in the score editor, i can’t see the bar numbers…
Or an idea for the nest update / version?

Well, a ruler, displaying the bars, wouldn’t be practical here, seeing as how the score editor (even in Edit mode, as opposed to Page mode) isn’t linear horizontal like the other MIDI Editors.
On the other hand, you can open the Settings dialog (from the Scores menu), select the “Project” pane, then “Notation Style”, then, on the right, scroll down to “Bar Numbers”, and set “Show Every” to “1 Bar”.
Now, at least, all bars in the score will show their bar number.

I’m gonna try it.

Formerly, i worked with magix music studio 2006, there i had a bar ruler at the score editor. But i need it only for the bar numbers.