Request: combined pdf

Would it be possible for a score and parts to be output to a single pdf in score order?

It’s not possible at the moment, but it’s something that we can certainly look into for the future.

Thanks. For some jobs it would save a ton of time assembling pdfs.

Can’t this be done easily with software like Adolix Split/Merge (and others)?

The difference is that Dorico knows the score order. In anything else, files have to be added manually for this reason.

A quick solution for this is to display your individual pdf’s in the order they were exported from Dorico ie: using a “date added” column in your file browser.
I’m not sure what OS/software combo you use, but with Windows/Acrobat combo you can right click and “combine PDF” and the files will be added in the order established by the time stamp (which is the score order).

+1 steveparker