REQUEST: Completely lock flows to prevent from edit

when i sucessively work through my songbook pieces i would wish, that i could lock the flows completely which i have finished.
In a rush i just selected and deleted a framebreak in a previous flow that ruined my whole layout :frowning:
Would be nice to have a switch or key command somewhere preventing me from messing things around.

Or is there some write protection, that i miss?

There’s nothing like this at the moment, but it’s definitely something we are considering for a future version.

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Yes, this feature of InDesign is very handy to instill confidence!

To state the bleeding obvious: don’t overlook Cmd/Ctrl+Z (Undo). It’s your best friend.

Yes sure, if you notice it in time!

But I need this security, that if something is considered to be finished by me, i dont have to look over it again.
And thats also my problem with these linked parts and dynamics. If you are in a rush you always have to think twice if the modification you are doing affects other parts or the full score.

Also, something I wold find quite useful is the ability to really lock everything in the current state, some sort of mechanism to dump the current values into overrides if need be. I’m motivated by this mostly by my experience with vertical spacing, where the distance between staves will interact with the objects even when overridden. Sometimes I’m working with a very rigid layout (and I want it to be rigid), and a small change in the music forces it out of place.

Is a flow lock feature implemented in Dorico 3? I looked but didn’t find it.

Not yet. Glad you brought it up again though. Perhaps an iterative update. We’ll see…

Was just thinking of this - would be helpful to be able to lock flows. It happens that I glitch and don’t realize the cursor is somewhere earlier, which gets an edit I didn’t know about, the come back to the end with unintended changes in the earlier flow. Putting my vote in the hat …

My vote goes in, too. There’s already a lock layout feature; being able to lock a flow within a layout (or the same flow across all layouts) would be a nice companion to it.