Request: Consistent plugin management between mixer and channel settings windows

I would like to request that there be more consistency with plugin management between the mixer and channel settings windows. As it is now, we get more options for inserts when working in the mixer window via right clicking on the ‘inserts’ tab such as copy and most importantly, clear. When working in the channel settings window, which I tend to do more frequently, those options are not there and we can only load or save plugin chains.

To add to this, I would also like to see a better option for removing a specific plugin in both the mixer and channel setting windows. This could be achieved by simply adding the extra ‘remove’ option to the menu when right clicking on a plugin. This could even be combined with an option for selecting multiple plugins in a chain via clicking and dragging a window or shift/control-clicking.

Both of these changes would significantly speed up workflow and would make the mixer and channel setting windows, which are fundamentally the same, be more consistent with each other.