Request: convert .prt to MIDI

Hi all,

I’m incredibly sorry to ask for your help on this, but I think I’ve exhausted all other options, including Steinberg’s own team (who were very helpful).

I’ve been asked to make a remix of a track, but the track is old, and the producer only had his very old “.prt” parts, rather than the original MIDI files. I know this has been discussed before, and I’ve tried everything mentioned in the relevant forum and Helpcenter pages (can’t add links here, as it’s my first post on the forum - but please believe me I’ve been through all the methods!). But the problem is I only have access to a new M1 Mac, and no amount of fiddling/use of Parallels can get any of the old Cubase versions to work.

So, might anyone who DOES have access to an older version of Cubase be kind enough to convert the .prt files to simple MIDI files for me? The files are tiny (about 1mb in total), and I literally only need the notes - nothing more.

Needless to say, I’d be immensely grateful. Huge thanks in advance,