Request: Count in when starting playback...

Sometimes I create sheets containing several short exercises for my students. They can playback the Dorico files using Dorico SE.
It would be nice if there was an (optional) count-in before the playback starts, so that they can grab their instruments before the playback starts.
Also some kind of loop-functionality would be appreciated for this scenario.
This would be useful for practicing purposes in my opinion.

Please check other messages (or do a search) before starting a new thread. This was two posts down from yours in the list.

Hi Derrek! I’ve seen those posts, but I request something different here, that’s why I started this thread: I do not request a count in for exported audio-files but for live-playback, so that students can use Dorico SE for practicing along while using Dorico playing back without the need to export audio-files for each flow, which would not be convenient.