Request: Create lines from object to object

I’m creating lots of lines that are moving from one directional object to the next. it would be great to be able to select one object and then the next and create the line to just connect them. As it is, the line is attached to the grid and then I have to spend a bunch of time adjusting the lengths of the lines and positioning them correctly (Its a really big project so even with my powerful computer each edit takes a few seconds).
Maybe this would be helpful to other people doing more graphical scores. Thanks for the consideration!

OR: if it has to be the grid-I wish there was an easier way to specify specific grid points quickly when I have lots of tied notes. (maybe there is?)

Grouped Playing Techniques make quick work of this sort of thing.

Set up Custom Playing Techniques that look like this (I’m using a custom Font Style that uses the Pori Enclosed font that comes with Scoring Express, but you presumably have your own font for enclosed numbers).

Continuation like this:

Place the Playing Techniques in the music - if you’ve followed my first screenshot carefully they’ll already be below the stave:

Select one, Select More a couple of times, right-click > Playing Techniques > Group.

Job done:

You’ll either need to turn off the option to show Playing Techniques after system breaks at Engraving Options > Playing Techniques or do the same in the Engrave mode properties panel.

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Wow, that’s awesome! I love learning new things in Dorico. This will come in really handy for lots of things. Thanks!

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