REQUEST: Custom Chord Pads

Request here: Custom chord pads.

Cubasis 2 had an option on the keyboard for custom chords. I’d like to see it return, except on the Pads, where I think it would be more useful and easier to play compared to the small custom chord buttons in Cubasis 2.

I’ve attached a crude mockup showing how it could fit on the Pad window, with:

-a “custom” button, tap on it to activate the piano roll to choose notes
-a piano roll located above the pads, to choose notes
-a name button, to name your custom pad

Hi Rerun,

Thank you for your suggestion!

You are talking about the small pads above the on-board keyboard, right?
We will check, if we’re able to let them return.


Yes, the same function of the small pads above the keyboard in Cubasis 2, requested to be moved to the LARGE pads in Cubasis 3.

It would be very awesome to create chordpads using the onscreen keyboard, selecting the notes in whatever spread of notes regardless of octave, and render that into a pad. Maybe a name that pad option in case our notes selected didn’t make an easy to name chord. Similar to the app ChordPolyPad.