Request: Custom Clef Creation

Dear Dorico team

I hope you are all well and that all is running well on your side during this lockdown.

One of the suggestions that I that Dorico could greatly benefit from would be the creation/design dialog for custom clefs. I think it should be relatively simple to implement (something akin to the symbol editor?) but I may be wrong.

This would be hugely helpful for new music composers, especially for when composers use non-octave transposing clefs (see Knussen’s Horn Concerto) where users could combine the (already present) clef symbols with numbers below/above.

What does everyone think?

It sounds like you’re already aware of the symbol editor. In fact that makes it relatively easy to change the design of a clef, using a clef that you won’t need for a project.

Indeed, I am. But it still would be nice to add new clefs with no limit to the project without having to edit already existing clefs that I happen not to be using.