Request: *Divisi creation*

Request for the developers: if I select certain bars and hit create divisi there, it would be nice to previous situation (=unis.) to be restored in the bar following the selection.

Now I have to do two changes via left click and orientating through the options and dialogues (first to create divisi and then to restore unison) instead of nice and neat work flow.


Thanks for the feedback. This is certainly something we can think about for the future.

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I love the way clefs and repetitions are handled in Dorico 4.3 and I wish this could be extended not only to divisi, but anything that requires cancellation, such as playing techniques.
It would be nice if we could chose a selection in strings, add a con sord. and have it go back to the previous PT after.
Obviously this is only useful for some PTs, but there are already different types of continuation, maybe there can be different types of restoration?