Request: double-click on player name opens name editor

Just a thought:

It would be nice (and intuitive, I think), if double-clicking on the player name in the score automatically opened the “Edit Instrument Name” box.

Seems like a natural UI thing. Me: “Hey, I want to change this player’s name.” Dorico: “Ok, here.”

It’s a nice idea, but we would have to make them selectable first. We’ll think about it!

I just noticed the other day that if you double click in Engrave Mode, it takes you back to Write Mode.

I’m a big fan of double clicking. My suggestion would be to be able to double click on a Flow in the row of Flows and it goes to the Write page for that Flow.

David, have you paid attention to what actually happens when you double-click a Flow in the row Flows? You get the cursor enabled so that you can rename the flow, and the preview in Setup mode jumps to that flow . The only remaining step is to tap Ctrl/Cmd-2 to take you into Write mode.

I’m quite happy with things the way they are…

Hi Leo,

Believe me, after however many hundred flows I’ve created in the last few weeks, I have been paying attention to them. I name them when I create them - Dorico gives you that functionality. f I need to rename them, I right click them. Very OSX.

Why would I be interested in double clicking a flow to see a preview of that flow when a single click already does it? If you’re going to activate a double click, make it mean something. In OSX that usually means opening something or taking you somewhere.

But, as you asked the question, have I been paying attention? Yes, and heres my 2p on little things that would make flows better…

  1. If you duplicate a new flow, give focus (i.e. be in blue) to the new flow and make that new flow visible in the row of flows at the bottom.

  2. If you edit a flow, make that flow the highlighted one in the lower row of flows.

  3. If you delete a flow, give focus to the flow immediately before it (i.e. don’t go all the way back to the first flow)

4_ The Project Info page should load up the details of the flow you are editing. If the focus in the row of flows is on a different flow, the Product Info page will load up the information for that flow instead. This feels wrong.

  1. Irrespective of which flow you’re editing, switching in and out of Galley view in Write mode sometimes takes you back to the first flow - a similar issue to point 3) above.

If my previous post prompted you to write your most recent post, David, then I’m glad I wrote it.
I can’t bring myself to apologise for causing irritation in this case, because I’m glad that you wrote what you’ve just written.

For what it’s worth, I agree with your point about double-clicking AND all five of your numbered points. Hear, hear! and all that…

Thanks Leo - appreciated.

But I wish when you opened a new project, the project Info dialogue would open on Project info and not Flow 1.
I find myself frequently entering it on the flow info page by mistake and then wondering why nothing’s coming up on the project tokens!
After all the menu item does say Project Info.

I’ve done the same. Fortunately you can use a pull-down to copy what you entered for Flow 1 onto the Project panel.

100% agree on this. Even though I know how it works, I still get mixed up on this frequently.

Project Info as a separate window is a bit too hidden away for me - a step away from the main program. The onus seems to be on getting it done at the start. I’m not that organised and will usually just fill in a bit before going back and completing things later. Personally I’d like it more accessible - maybe in one of the side columns (as meta data often is in other programs)

I agree with Andy, I think if you start a new Project, the Project Info dialogue should show Project Info (not Flow 1) first. However, if you create any additional flows, the Flow Info for those should be shown.

You can assign a keyboard shortcut from Project Info, and it’s then accessible from any mode.

Which I have done, Leo. Although these I call it up on Stream Deck / Notation Express - and I’m blissfully ignorant of what the keystroke is :smiley:

My point was really that I’d like to see it incorporated into the main body of the program - if I can work without keystrokes, so much the better. And for what it’s worth, I’d like to see it adapted to include user fields, notes and comments, creation/last used dates etc. and (the big one) one day have a Dorico Library Manager that can take all this meta data from all your Dorico files, plus maybe the first page, and present it as an overview of all your work. It’s perfectly fine to work with now, but it’s very Dorico 1 and there’s more than can be done with it. As ever, just my 2p.

It’s the entirely unmemorable Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Shift+J in dvcase you do need it, but I see your point.