Request: Drag Mixer channels around independantly from tracks

Hi I would like to be able to grab the actual mixer channels with my mouse and drag the individual channels left or right to change around their order. To be clear, I don’t want to change or re-order my arrange page tracks. I want my arrange page tracks to stay the way they are. I just want to be able to change the MIXER channels around.

why? for instance, I have several different vsti’s making kick drum sounds, that mix together to make my final kick. I have Halion sampler, a synth vsti, and an audio track. The Halion sampler plays lots of other sounds out from other channels, not just my kick sample. I want to be able to put all my “kick drum channels” next to each other in the audio mixer, just like I would do on a real analog mixer, so I can find them easily and work the faders together to balance out my kick without scrolling to opposite ends of the whole mixer and jumping around all over the place. But I cant put the audio channels together in Cubase’s mixer because all the other Halion output channels must come first before any other vsti or audio channel can be shown. So if I have 7 or 8 other sounds coming out of Halion then my other parts of my kick drum are “kicked” down the mixer channel list. Plus I don’t like to have my kick sounds arranged all together like that in my arrange page if I was to try and achieve this positioning in the mixer, I like all of my audio tracks to be together in the arrange page, and then my vsti tracks to be together, etc. Cubase wont let me keep my audio channels together in the arrange page and my kick drum sounds together on the audio mixer at the same time when they are in different positions in my arrange page list because these two are exclusively “linked” in order. Frustrating as hell.

So essentially what I’m asking for, is for the exclusive “link” between arrange page track order and mixer channel order to be released so I am not forced to directly alter the position of one when changing the position of the other. This kind of concept is often referred to as “ease of workflow”. Please Steinberg add this ease of workflow to Cubase.

+1 Requested countless times for many years, never implemented. I agree, it’s a very cumbersome and outdated way of working right now in many ways between the mixer and project window – you should be able to do the same things from both as far as arranging and deleting channels/tracks.

I just wanted to post the same thing today! Moving tracks independently in Project window and Mix Console as well


Yes, please!