(REQUEST) dspMixFx - Rename Channels and Mono Button

Hi fellas,

I don’t know if it’s the right place, but I would like to suggest a function that I find simple, but that would help A LOT when doing some work and we wouldn’t depend on third parties, which is a MONO button on the MASTER channel for track and phase verifications. It may seem silly to some, but to others it would make a total difference.


And follow suggestions at the topic it might be possible to rename the channels, a function that would help a lot in the workflow




Hey people,

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    …and the possiblity of re-naming the channels ! Seems to me not that hard to program.

Excellent idea… I will rename the title with this!!

Thx dude

If you have, like me the UR816C+ADAT, so having 16 input channels, one would like to see then names of those inputs are instead of input****…

You are correct, my friend!!

+1 though i guess to comply with the rest of the interface the stereo/mono button should be at the top where they are for the combined mono channels.

And +1 for renaming as well.

New software yesterday, pity , no changes in the above issues…

Unfortunately no change… We need more people asking for this here, if they won’t even see!

I could really use the mono button as well, particularly on the master fader. Studio monitors are expensive and so I only have one, and need to be able to listen to all sources in mono, which a master fader mono button would permit.

Good idea!

I had indicated the MONO button on the DAW track because its the return of everything we heard in post processing. But it could be on the master trail too!

I was surprised that we can’t rename channels in 2020, please developers make it happen! thanks.
(mono/stereo button too is a good one)

Hi fellas,

I edited the title to give more prominence and better understanding. Hope it works!!


OBS: edited pictures too :slight_smile:

Yes! More flexibility is always welcome!!! I would love to be able to share the Asio from the USB driver with another program at the same time as Cubase. I do a lot of lifting and I write on Finale and play the music on Cubase. On my old sound card I could have Cubase on chanels 1-2 and Finale on 3-4. now they both go through the DAW chanel, but Finale as a surrogate on my UR 44C.

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Along the same lines, is there a feature to mute/unmute the REV-X reverb with just a single click or touch in case of iOS app?
Ideally it would be good to have an option to enable disable FX with a MIDI foot pedal but a click/touch button should help.

Reverb can indeed not be muted, but the FX in a mixchannel do have a on/off button

Thumbs up, fellas!

I really, really, desperately would want the option to RENAME the channels in the DspMixfX !!
I have connected 16 ins and outs to external hardware and while watching the inputlevels I always have to check a printed list of my connections.
Madness…Can’t be that hard to fix this. Every other softwareprogram out there can do something like this.
Please Steinberg!