Request: Duplicate Layout, or copy properties

Hey all,

I’d like to add my name to the list of those requesting a “duplicate layout” feature.

More specifically, I’ve been typesetting works that use interesting slurs- I’ve copied those slurs using the excellent engrave features, however when I look at the same music in another layout the slur has defaulted to a simple regular slur, and I can understand why - given that the context it makes sense not to allow specific engravings to persist across different layouts.

What I would like then is to be able to duplicate the layout and then edit it to make another layout that includes the same engraving features without having to edit them all again.

Either that or a “copy attributes from/to layout” option when in engrave mode…


Edit > Propagate Properties copies the properties of a selected item (or items) from one layout to all layouts.

You can also edit properties globally by setting the “Set local properties globally/locally” switch to “globally” before editing/tweaking.

Ah thanks Leo - I’ll give that a go.

A duplicate layout feature would be quite welcome anyway. +1 from me.

Does that work for signposts too and if yes how do I do this? I would really appreciate a copy layout function as well.

Signposts are “just” regular items that are not shown for some reason (because they’re hidden, or because there’s nothing in the music itself to be shown, like a key signature with no accidentals), so they have the regular properties that those items have when they’re visible. And yes, properties set on items displayed as signposts are propagated just like properties on visible items.

Update on this - this does propagate the more general properties (number of segments for e.g.) however, it then reset my slur design, even in the original layout - quite annoying behaviour IMO

Propagating shouldn’t reset anything. Are you trying to propagate Engrave mode properties from Write mode, perhaps?

It’s a while since I last did it tbh - I’ll revisit next time it comes up…