Request: Editing Names

Please can you consider adding Edit Names as a menu item when when right clicking on a player. At the moment it’s three rather precise clicks with the mouse to get to the editing screen.

Also, I know plural names aren’t in use at present, but when they are can you consider combining the single / plural editing areas into one screen.

Basically, the less clicking, the better.


Dear David,
I guess one problem here is that each player can hold numerous instruments… But I agree the UI could benefit from some easier access to this editor — I never have made a score in Dorico without changing anything in that editor!

Hi Marc,

Yup - I should have made it clearer that I was looking at players with just one instrument. I’d imagine that if there’s more than one the existing route is the only way to do it (and any right hand click option would be greyed out).

A look through Dorico’s own templates shows that the vast majority of players have just the one instrument.

Well, you probably wouldn’t expect the standard templates to handle Wagner without a few edits…

(note every player has a different set of horns - not to mention A Bb and C clarinets and trumpets in 5 different keys!)

That’d be a challenge for Galley View…

Correct - more than 100 staves, and that’s not counting the string divisis.