Request: Existing file dialog should have 'Cancel'

When you attempt to export a Graphic file, and the file already exists, you get a dialog which offers you the option to over-write or use a new filename.

Could we also have the option to Cancel?

For example: I had duplicated a Dorico document and used that as the basis for a new work, but it still had the old location set. So when I went to export a PDF, I could either overwrite (which I didn’t want), or Create a New file in the wrong folder, which I didn’t want either.

Interestingly, clicking the red Close button created a new file.

Screenshot 3.png

Probably better than the alternative, although I agree that a cancel button would be very helpful.
(Hope this isn’t a function of the Qt system which would make it more difficult for the Dorico Team to correct.)

Unfortunately it’s not simple to add a Cancel button to that dialog because of the way that process is currently structured. It’s something that we would like to address in future, but it’s not as simple as you might think (nothing ever is).