[REQUEST] Export all individual parts to separate MusicXML


I am an educator in the US looking to replace my current notation software with Dorico. As an educator, I use SmartMusic with my students as a practice and music assessment tool. Recently, SmartMusic has added the ability for educators to upload music in XML format to assign to their students. As someone who writes a lot of music for my classes, I would love to use Dorico for this, but currently SmartMusic only accepts MusicXML that has one part per XML file. As it stands, I believe only the latest version of Finale has this ability.

I am asking to see what the possibility would be to add an option to MusicXML export to export all parts as individual XML files. This would make my workflow much, much smoother.

Thank you for your consideration!

FWIW, you can achieve this manually, as only the currently visible layout will be exported…

This can be very time-consuming for large ensemble works. A single button to export all layouts into individual XML files in a specified directory would be incredibly helpful.

I tried this out with a small ensemble piece I had arranged, and when I imported it into SmartMusic I realized that Dorico is encoding everything in concert pitch and not including any transposition information, even if you export from the Transposed Pitch view. This leads to, as an example, this alto saxophone part being displayed with the concert pitch as written pitch (written B-flat below the staff/concert D-flat instead of written G in the staff/concert B-flat).

I’ve attached two screenshots: one of the music as imported into SmartMusic, and one of the PDF exported from Dorico itself.
Gloria-Dorico Print.PNG
Gloria-Smartmusic XML Import.PNG

Thanks for this request. It’s very good that the new SmartMusic allows the import of MusicXML files now, because of course for years it has only been possible to produce SmartMusic accompaniment files with Finale. Dorico’s MusicXML export is pretty rudimentary at the moment and has a number of problems due to the fact that so much of the implementation is missing. We will hopefully be able to spend some time on this in the relatively near future, and adding a batch export option so that you can export each part as a separate MusicXML file should be possible for us to add when we do.