Request: extend input note values by grid value

This is a weird request but it could save a lot of time.

Could we have a modifier key to increase the input notes by the grid value. So with a grid value of a quaver, if I push ‘mod-6’ i get a minim+quaver. ‘mod-5’ would give a dotted crotchet etc.

Can’t you do it the other way around? Type 7 for a minim, play or type the note, then do Shift+Alt+right arrow to extend the note by the grid, if the grid is set to a quaver?

That’s the way I’m doing it now. I think I’m asking for something sticky, to modify ‘7’ to give me minim +grid value until turned off (as with tuplets). But only for the note value shortcut selected. It would speed up repetitive rhythms like:

minim tied to quaver/quaver (repeated)

Another option would be to allow shortcuts for any note value.

Either would speed up boring stuff like writing 60’s bass parts…