Request: extended lyrics functionality for sung prayers

In church we sing a lot of prayers in similar format to this so I’d like to be able to create scores looking like this in Dorico (preferably using lyrics, not Shift+X and then moving bits of text all over the place)

(btw I’m from Czech republic, the most atheist country in Europe, but some people still go to church there and some of them sing such prayers :smiley:)

I wonder whether it is possible to have lyrics below the grand staff… Maybe yes, but I could’t figure out how.

It seems to me that other fancy things for this kind of score haven’t been implemented yet. Please consider extending lyrics functionality to allow creating this kind of score easily:

-placing custom symbols before a verse number and at the end of a verse (in the example letters V and R)
-format a single word or letter in a verse differently
-placing the * mark in a verse exactly below a barline
-a line break in a verse (in the example verses 2 and 5)
-placing lyrics below the grand staff (if it’s not already possible)
and placing symbols like a quarter note and a quarter rest above the staff aligned with dynamics (maybe doable with a custom playing technique but I not sure about the alignment)

You can certainly do this much already:

Apologies for the lack of accents and diacritics - I’m sure they’re possible from your keyboard!
Shift+Alt+Space will give you a space (allowing you to type more than one word attached to the same note).
Lyric alignment and verse number properties are down in the properties panel.
Move underneath the grand staff by entering on the top staff, then select all the lyrics, right-click and go Paste Special > Move to Staff Below.

Thank you, how did you manage to make a line break in a verse? edit - next verse without a number and then renumber the next

I entered the third line of lyrics from the caret (not attached to a note), did “is translation”, then changed the “Lyrics Translation” font so it was regular rather than Italic. It does mean you’re limited to two lines per verse.

So the second translation line would be necessary for verse n. 5 :slight_smile:
ok, a line break in a verse in general - don’t know how it should work, to be honest. But Dorico team are very clever and maybe they’ll come up with something brilliant allowing this in the future.

I’d still welcome a custom symbol / text item before the verse number or exactly below the barline because of formatting.
or a nice looking 𝄾 (visible eight note rest) in the lyrics anywhere (that’s another thing I’d like to have, forgot to mention it in the original post)