Request - extended track versions functionality

Since C13 there are now track versions for video, which is awesome (many thanks!), perhaps it could be extended to include group tracks, basic mixer settings, track automation and have a global recall buttons for these somewhere handy?

I can see where it could get complicated, with different inserts running in different versions for example. Maybe it could be worked around by restricting the user to keep the same insert chain, but allowing to bypass them etc.

Having worked with video on game and movie trailers, where there can be 10+, I see where it could make my life easier.


Right now only Tracks can have different Versions. And the items you are talking about are Channels. Also the stuff you are talking about changing between Versions, like Inserts, are not things that currently change on Tracks that do have Versions now.

Versions are primarily used to maintain different and/or alternative performances, but plug-ins do not change between Versions.

You might want to take a look at the Snapshot features in the MixConsole (which I don’t use) to see if that helps. If not I’d recommend refining your request but independent from Track Versions.

Thanks for your reply.

Ideally, I’d love to be able to save and switch between project versions without having to completely reload it. Some of my tracks take 100+GB of RAM and it takes a lot of time to roll back a version of track because of some new video cut or a return to previous musical concept.

Everyone’s workaround so far has been to keep versions on the timeline. The project is becoming heavier and responding or scrolling slower. There’s also a chance one version of music now has different balance and sound slightly because of the changes made to automation or eq vertically on tracks or groups.

I see track versions have a potential to bring us closer to the desired effect. That would require adding automation on tracks and channels (including FX plugin, EQ, tempo track) to the versioning system.

It’s a long shot, I know :D.