Request: External FX - image upload facility

I’d like to be able to upload and attach images to External FX/Instrument, for two reasons —

• first, to store a pic of the device to display in the VST Connections window, so you can see at a glance which device it is, a bit like track icons;
• second, so you can take a quick pic of the device settings on your phone and store it in the individual instance of the External FX plug-in along with your project — the modern day equivalent of a recall sheet. I don’t want to have to use Device Panels for this ****. Better still, receive pic via Bluetooth from your phone/camera.

Also… the whole External FX system still needs an overhaul, not least in saving/recalling physical I/O routing (not just the ASIO driver) when switching ASIO drivers. That one drives me crazy!