request for 7.02

I think it came up a couple of times already but couldn’t find it.

I’d REALLY like to have the option of hearing sound when rendering.
So basically my question is that when rendering an audiofile with pluginns and external gear in the mastersection you don’t hear what is going on. It would be nice to have a checkbox with ‘playback mastersection’ in the render screen.
Should not be to hard to implement i think.

But before rendering, you can monitor (playback), so why do you want to also monitor during rendering? Additional checking?

Indeed, additional checking and having something to listen to while rendering. Specially handy when i have an attended masteringsession since people expect something to hear something during the process.
So in fact it would be really nice to hear the REAL rendered file back, so a bit afte the process. A pretty big Latency really doesn’t matter in this case.

You can do as you requested by simply recording in Wavelab the material you are mastering with outside effects. We do this all the time.

Playback a file, take the output and route it to your external boxes, bring the output of those boxes back into WL and record a new file as you are playing back the non mastered file. Monitor the result.

We are using an RME digi96 Card and a Z-Systems router. It works great!

On my ULN8 I can do something similar - I can route the outboard loop to an active monitor path. So if my “external gear” rack is pointed at DAW 3/4 and returns on FW 3/4 on my interface (this is MIO terminology, not WL), I can monitor either end of that loop in MIO Console.

What I can’t do, and the OP seems to be alluding to, is hear effects plugs in the master section, POST return, applied to the loop. Tom’s workaround gets the job done, but I think the unmet need/goal is a loop capture routine that’s “hermetically sealed”, so user actions don’t disrupt playback or capture (as Render does). Obviously one could just avoid touching the machine but something more solid would be nice.



Have a look in the Recording dialog under
“Input” select
“Playback output (record what is played back)”

hope it helps

regards S-EH

I note the idea. It should come, but not for next version, I already have enough to do :wink:

I know about this option but to me that is not an option.
I have also some pluginns inserted in the chain and so recording just the AD is not an option and you will also have a different filelength and more handling with saving.
I really need the option as above. 7.03 is soon enough PG. :wink:

  • 1, please! :unamused:

You can still use Thomas’ method (I’ve been doing it for 5 years) with plugins on the capture (record/A-d side) Just open another instance of Wavelab (do a search on the forum to find out the work around for WL7) insert the Audio Input plugin in the master chain and then any plugs after that. It will capture with the plugin processing. I’ve tried the “External Equipment” route, and I think this is a much better way of doing things (at least for me) You’ll need a proper mastering console/monitoring to A/B the pre /post.


Pete Lyman
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