Request for a Orchestral Agent Expansion Pack

Would you be interested in Orchestral and Epic Agents inside Groove Agent?

  • Yes, both!
  • Yes, Orchestral
  • Yes, Epic
  • No
  • I prefer pizza

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Any plans for an Orchestral Agent and/or Epic Agent with drums for those types of needs or some kind of Expansion Pack for this?

Welll, that’s all for now I guess? :slight_smile:

Maybe a poll?

WHAT? Two ???
As of now, 500 people find this little request worthy of a click, and TWO votes?
If I vote as well it will still have a significant impact … but that kind of wasn’t the point haha …

Does everybody already have great percussion libraries in some other format or are 500 people not interested in these genres?
Maybe it’s just me because I recently decided to dig deeper into the Groove Agent dungeons, and I now know how vast and deep they are!!!
Total integration with Cubase, four Agents at once, drag and drop samples, loops and MIDI parts back and forth, create your own grooves and store and reuse and …
It would be perfect to have something like an Orchestral Agent and/or Epic Agent and blend four of them all in one plugin?
If you own Groove Agent 4 and only used it as a Rompler … think again! :sunglasses:

Hello … :confused:

I’m not sure it is a good fit. GE is a sample player/editor and a pattern player/editor. While you could load your epic big drum samples onto GE pads and save them as a kit, most likely you would not repetitively play a pattern. Although I use orchestral percussion, I can’t see how using GE would make it easier than simply playing the parts on a midi controller and editing in CB.

Can you expand on how this would work?


It’s an interesting thing, but for now, you can have HALion Symphonic Orchestra with good percussion sounds, brass, woodwinds and strings and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Yep! Got that one!
What I wanted was the percussive nature of Groove Agents tools for use on the Orchestral noises. :slight_smile: