Request for an extension of the suppress possibilities

Working on a song I got the idea to make the second violin play a octave higher on the repeat. But alas, the 8va doesn’t react on the suppress playback tool.
This should be a nice addition if it is possible.

This would be quite difficult to do, because an octave line acts like a clef, so the pitches of the notes don’t change – only their position on the staff. As such, Dorico doesn’t need to know anything at all about octave lines for the purposes of playback, any more than it does clefs, so this kind of information simply isn’t part of the things that it considers when it’s building up the playback data. But I wouldn’t rule this out altogether for the future.

This is not exactly what you wanted, but here is a proof-of-concept achieving the sound of what you wanted.
octaveTest.dorico (1.2 MB)

I selected the upper notes (by marquee in this case, could have used the Edit > Filter) and in the Properties panel set them to suppress on the first pass. I then did the opposite for the lower notes.

Thanks, @Daniel and @Derek, for your comments on this subject.
@Derrek: I found another, perhaps more elegant, solution by adding a staff with the context menu, copying the notes to that staff, making that notes an octave lower, and use the suppress function. After that you can hide the extra staff by deleting the
“+1 staff” notification. The notes keep on playing. So sounding is good but the version is also ready for sheet music.
(And if you want to see the hidden staff, you can open it by adding a staff again).
See here (just to be clear, I didn’t hide the extra staff):
octaveTest with hiden staff.dorico (1.4 MB)

A strange thing happens here. I want to replace the Dorico file with an adjusted one, but I can’t. The new file is uploaded, but then the old one appears in the message.