(request for cubase 12) Presets for External FX

in each crash my asio drivers lost audio configuration.
It is easy setup inputs and control room because both have presets, but is very bored make setup again and again for external fx devices (12 devices here, stereo, mono, etc etc . . .)
Will be very easy with a preset in a dropdown menu,

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What about to use the Profile Manager for this?

Btw, if your message is a Feature Request, add the feature-request tag, please.

In any case, I would recommend to investigate, why is Cubase crashing and try to avoid this first.

sorry, newby here, do not know how make tags.

profile manager do not save fx externals , and if C12 crash press f4 and make in the fly presets is the right way (well, the righ way maybe will be not delete these values on crash)

cubase crash with supervision . . . delete the instance, put supervision again, and no crashes…
but reasign all the external hardware again (it is a pain)

I added a feature-request tag.
I had hoped by now to see a different approach to external instruments. It is my suspension that we are going get something different in the future, and that is why it has been neglected for so long.

no other daw have this problem . . .
if program crash an can not load asio drivers, when i restart computer or program, when choose my asio driver againm config must be loaded . . . all configs, control room, inputs, alias , and of course external.
i do not using any vst from others . . . only cubase plugins. System is very stable, but sometimes crash (supervision fault this time) . . .

Hi @Fingertips,

If you have crashlogs corresponding to crashes related to SuperVision, please don’t hesitate to send them to me.
Thanks in advance!