Request for "Discover Dorico" session

Happy New Year!

For the next “Discover Dorico” session I would appreciate if John Barron could SLOWLY walk me through how to enter notes for a drumkit, in the example shown below. This from The Dummer’s Bible, by Mick Berry and Jason Gianni, page 103. Basic jazz drum patterns, entered into Sibelius. Kick drum in measures 15 and 16 should be stems down, but I don’t want to make things too complicated.

The emphasis here is on slow – I watched the youtube tutorials by Anthony Hughes about the new percussion features, but it’s too much information in too little time, lol. One baby step at a time.


Edit: the stems for kick drum should point down, not up - voice 2 in Sibelius (hope that makes sense). Edit 2- actually I’m not so sure about the stems for kick having to point down - just tried it in Sibelius and it looks really cluttered.

Hi Peter

I’ll bear this in mind, thank you!

Thanks John - I posted about this on Facebook, in a “music engraving tips” group, and got a lot of feedback.

Bottom line is that it’s probably best notated in 8th notes, with “swing” indicated at the top.

Still, it would be helpful if you could walk me through how to set this up

a. with triplets, as for beginning drummers
b. with 8th notes, as for pros

And to follow up on this, request #2 — is it possible to show us how to create expression maps? Just real simple, maybe use a basic example. I noticed that the expression map for Hollywood Strings, when imported into a Dorico score doesn’t work properly, responding to dynamics. I don’t care if things don’t work properly right now, but I’d like to prepare for the time when Dorico has more advanced playback capabilities.


ps about the drum notation, that’s turned into a YUGE debate on Facebook - stems up or down for snare, one or two voices, you wouldn’t believe it. When you delve into it, it’s kind of complicated, see Norman Weinberg’s guide to Standardized Drumset Notation which is the “standard” for drumset notation. Or so the drummer Facebook Gods told me.

ps2 exactly when is the next session of Discover Dorico?

We have used Weinberg extensively during the implementation, and it seems that the conventions for snare voice and stem direction really depend a lot on personal taste and the nature of the relationship between the snare and kick drum parts. Hence we’ve tried to allow as much flexibility as possible by storing the data about what the snare part is actually playing, which can then be presented as stem up/down or as a separate voice according to preference.

Thanks Paul – yeah, that’s my takeaway after studying Weinberg, not being a drummer myself. Here are the Facebook threads that prompted the question. Some spicey opinions, as you’ll notice … someone actually got banned (temporarily), and all that over whether stems go up or down. Go figure.

FWIW, I usually have the kick share a downward stem with the snare, until it’s time for a drum roll. At that time, the context will determine the allocation and direction of stems. After that, it’s back to the original allocation. :slight_smile:

Quick reminder: the next session is tomorrow morning / afternoon, January the 23rd in the year 2018, 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 4 pm UK time.